Theme 09 by pctewentz

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a header theme;


  • title
  • 4 links
  • no sidebar img
  • long description
  • pagination or infinite scroll
  • like & reblog buttons
  • lazy loading
  • all customizable colors


  • small cursor
  • show/hide captions
  • custom title
  • infinite/endless scrolling

don’t remove the credit and if you need help with anything you can send me a message!

This is a noob question, but for theme 08 how do you change posts from 400px to 500px? — Anonymous

When you edit your theme under Theme Options you’ll see this

when it’s gray the option is not turned on… so here i have 400px posts.

to get 500px post turn off 400px and click the little button next to 500px to turn it on



Finally, a fix for Tumblr’s photosets! I know how annoying photosets on Tumblr are since you can only make them 250px, 400px, 500px, or 700px. So the other day I started learning the slightest bit of javascript/jquery (I’m so noob at it lol) and after that and lots of Googling, I think I’ve managed to create a code that lets you resize the photosets on Tumblr to almost any height!

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Some icons I made today. Please do not redistribute and claim as your own.

Thank you.

Download here

tightrope- static preview one & two/code

  • a colour palette theme, customisable sidebar links
  • option for 5 links or 4 links
  • left or right sidebar option
  • square sidebar image only
  • 400px posts
  • please like or reblog if youre using it/going to use it :-)


Unreserved theme by Ambient Themes


Do not redistribute/claim as your own/use as a base, and keep the credit intact. Likes and/or reblogs are appreciated if you use the theme!


  • This theme has a lot of customization options, including options to show a header image and avatar, and to show or hide the title and description. These options are all linked up with the global appearance options, for example, if you show the header image, it’ll also show when you hover over a link to your blog on your dashboard
  • Navigation links pop up when you click the icon next to the description
  • For how to add in navigation links go here
  • Hover over the date for post information and reblog/like buttons to appear
  • The theme is completely localized

preview 1 | preview 2 | paste code


Theme (7) Bespectacled Beauty Revamp: live/code


  • 35 customize options
  • 250px/400px post size
  • Single/double column
  • One sidebar image (165 x 130 pixels)
  • Four custom links
  • Monochrome post option
  • Post tags on hover

Let me know if you run into any trouble or find any issues with this theme as soon as possible!!! ^

for your theme 8, im having an extra posts box under the via one? do you have any idea what could possibly make the duplication of it there and how to remove it? — Anonymous

i saw that. It’s when a post has a source outside of tumblr like flickr or the picture links to another website. I’m not sure how to fix it 

how can you add your own background to theme 08? — Anonymous

Okay, but i haven’t tried to use this theme with a background so i don’t know how it would look.

Add towards the top of the code with the other meta names

<meta name=”image:background” content=”“/>

<meta name=”if:Cover Background” content=”1”>

then add this in body{ you just have to scroll a little bit further to find 

background: {color:bg} url(‘{image:background}’) fixed;
coverbackground-webkit-background-size: cover; 
-moz-background-size: cover;
-o-background-size: cover; 
background-size: cover;